Photography by Mitch Weiss


We love her Aussie accent and free spirit. With homes in Santa Fe, Cambridge and Cape Cod and multiple passports in constant use, it is hard to pin this lady down for dinner in Boston.

Australian transplant, Marjolein is founder of MBSFitness, AeroPilates and LighterLiving. She is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of all women who aspire to eat for energy, move with style and elegance, and feel on purpose and at peace. Marjolein is the ultimate innovator and entrepreneur.

"Creating a business that helps thousands of people every single day is one my greatest joys in life." 


Marjolein was a single mom living in Santa Fe, burning the candle at both ends as a TV producer. While out running early one morning, she was struck by a car and was badly injured. She didn't know if she would ever walk or run again.  Her orthopedic surgeon recommended a local Pilates studio to help her regain her strength. After three months of healing with Pilates, “I stood taller, felt stronger and looked younger.” She realized that this could be the next fitness product.  “I knew I could sell it, make it affordable, and relatable.”  Marjolein worked for two years to acquire the IP on a home reformer. She produced an infomercial which was a huge success and took it to QVC and went on air in 1996. She sold the first 1000 machines in 7 minutes. The rest is history. This lady has had the number one fitness product on QVC ever since!