Photography by Michael Blanchard

A Filipino-American, Madeleine is feminine and fearless. She is a fashion enthusiast and a convivial spirit. Madeleine can strike up a conversation with anyone. She will introduce herself to a stranger or engage children she meets at the ballet.

“Remember, you have so much to learn from young people.”

Madeleine decorated her home to accommodate her family and for entertaining. “I’ve always had my own sense of style.”   When she decided she wanted a large deKooning-esq painting for her family room, she did it herself! She created a large abstract painting because she knew exactly what she wanted and she could do it!

“Most Women are good at multi-tasking, and I am one of them. So there is nothing that will deter me from achieving things.  I just weave events and moments into my daily life, and things will always come out right and perfect.”

“I love to laugh! I think it is important to have a carefree attitude; it’s what keeps you young. That and exercise.”

Madeleine also believes “there is dignity in labor.” She sets goals for herself and systematically moves toward achieving those goals. She helped build her husband’s ophthalmology practice and works a few days a week in his office. An art patron, she supports arts in the Philippines and numerous charitable medical causes.