Cheryl Richards

Cheryl Richards, acclaimed black and white fine art photographer, whose timeless event and portrait imagery includes Maya Angelou, Tory Burch, Matt Damon, Sam Donaldson, Yosuf Karsh, Matt Lauer, Peter Lynch, David McCullough, Arnold Newman, Charlie Rose, Jack Welch, Dorris Kearns Goodwin, Oprah Winfrey and other notables, has earned her many distinctions, including multiple “Best of Boston” awards by Boston Magazine, which proclaimed Richards “art” worthy of an ICA (Institution of Contemporary Art in Boston) opening.

Her gallery at the Park Plaza building showcases Richards’ signature-style black and white custom printed photographs, limited edition posters and greeting cards. Images capture milestones in her clients’ lives, feature far flung places-from castles in Poland to Park Avenue- and people-beloved family members to complete strangers- which speak to Richards’ eye and artistry.

With her influences ranging from children to the elderly, fashion, soul music pets, food, friendship and the world around her. Cheryl shoots many of her images on a $20 plastic camera, which she cherishes for the imperfect beauty it captures. From light leaks and imperfect margins come images characterized by Richards’ contemporary imagination and reverence for her time honored craft.