Photography by Allana Taranto


Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carolina is senior designer for Manuel de Santaren, Inc. in Boston.

But long before she became an award winning designer, long before she was designing interiors for homes in Boston, Palm Beach, Aspen and even La Fortaleza, the Governor’s home in Puerto Rico, Carolina was the hot mama of rock ‘n roll in Boston. Part of the 80's music scene and Kiss 108, the #1 station in the region, Carolina traveled to the Grammy Awards and to the Paris fashion shows with easy access  backstage wherever she went.

"When you get older, you learn to say NO to: drama, toxic friends and self-criticism and how to sayYES to: happiness, good friends, and good family."

Carolina pulled off some of the most fashion forward outfits –Alaia to Lacroix. But the glitz and fun ran its course and she chose a different path. That’s when she began a serious study of design. “I knew I wasn’t going to be one of those ‘dolly decorators’” she explains. “I studied drafting and ergonomic measurements, proportion, and the principles of form and function.”  “Through my experience in the design world, I learned: design and decorating is about editing, curating. It’s not about how much, but that less is more.”

Today Carolina micro-manages contractors for her clients and attends to the very smallest detail to ensure the finished product is picture perfect, right down to the linens. She travels to new destinations to explore and be inspired. She embraces her Puerto Rican roots in the food she cooks, her closeness with family, and the warmth and hospitality she extends to everyone who walks through her door. It is easy to see why she is so successful. Everyone falls in love with this Latina beauty.